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Cyrikk is a private company that supplies personal protection equipment products worldwide.


The rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak across the globe created a significant need for personal protection equipment products in the interest of public health and security. We are well-positioned to cater for all industries not just the medical ones, always having in mind the particularly demanding nature of our customer needs.

What We Do

We provide personal protection equipment, with customer focus beyond expectations. Our customers vary between SMEs and large organisations, across a wide range of industries and sectors. We stand together with our customers’ side throughout delivery of products. Our people are relentlessly dedicated to delivering quality and results, through exceptional customer service.

MISSION: to provide a first class service individually designed and tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

VISION: to continually strive to exceed all customer expectations for service, commitment and quality.


  • Treating customers and suppliers with integrity and honesty, nurturing sustainable business relationships.

  • Employing a happy, capable and loyal workforce.

  • The provision of excellent customer service to ensure that the customer’s needs are not only met but exceeded.

  • Encouraging teamwork in order to produce results, whilst promoting a harmonious working environment: success is dependent upon everyone working together to support the company.

  • Integrating good social behaviour into everything that we do.

  • Ensuring excellent communication both with our customers and with our workforce.

  • Continually improving the service provided through assessment, review, evaluation and seeking methods to complete tasks more effectively and efficiently.

  • Identifying and seizing opportunities to secure our position as your preferred supplier, by setting ourselves apart from our competitors.

  • Operating with absolute efficiency through the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies.

  • The establishment of strong business and management strategies in order to ensure that effective operational and revenue results are achieved.

How We Work

Our commercially and technically savvy professionals swiftly derive our clients’ requirements to provide innovative, customised solutions. Our state-of-the-art premises allow us to operate securely, efficiently and effectively. We are committed to respecting the economy, our community and the environment, in the interests of current and future generations. We are strongly supportive of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and our community.

Customer Service

Cyrikk promotes a Customer First philosophy through the empowerment of individuals and the total functionality as a team. Complete quality is achieved through company integrity and continuous improvements. Customer service means giving what is specified plus a little bit extra, the customer should feel relaxed and confident about dealing with us. From the start of the process to the end of the process. As a company we are only as good as our last contact with the customer therefore, you must provide the end user with a confident and professionally turned out customer representative at all times. This can only be achieved with commitment and understanding.

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