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Last update: 18 June 2019

Cyrikk Ltd is a distributor of personal protection equipment products worldwide.

Cyrikk Ltd (“Company”) is committed to respecting the economy, our community and the environment, in the best interest of all stakeholders. This Policy starts from the Company, in line with our strongly embedded Culture, Initiatives and Principles.

Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is an important priority for the Company and our business approach contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits.

We designed this Policy to provide an overview of the responsible business approach of the Company. Of course if there are alternatives ways of proceeding, we encourage people and clients to let us know.

Purpose, Performance and Progress

The Company desires substantial change within corporate culture in relation to perceptions on the link between the economy, our community and the environment. Our associates and clients positively welcome the sustainable practices that we adopt. We must enhance our efforts towards a sustainable future in the best interest of current and future generations.

We are content by positively contributing to the needs of our diverse communities, fulfilling our responsibilities to the public, and minimizing any adverse environmental impact of our business activities. We endeavor to incorporate various forms of social responsibility into our own and our clients’ business, for meaningful action and a positive impact towards sustainable development.

Implementation is key for any policy. We regularly and transparently execute, monitor and evaluate this Policy. Given the sectors that the Firm is involved in, we identified and prioritized relevant, primary undertakings to ensure that the Firm correctly proceeds with its ambition and goals.

Charity & Philanthropy

We place philanthropy in a high level of responsibility and priority. We participate in charitable and philanthropic fundraising initiatives, donating funds to people-in-need and to non-governmental or charitable organisations.

Volunteering & community service

We undertake volunteer work and community service in our areas of choice, within the local community, either through public or private, non-governmental or charitable organisations initiatives and events.


The development of a social and cultural community is deeply affected by music, theatre or art events which can be sponsored by the Company.

Pro-bono engagement

The Firm offers pro bono assistance to the extent permitted by applicable legislation and regulations.


The Firm creates partnerships and collaborates with like-minded organisations.

Environment, sustainability, and health and safety

The Company uses sustainable tools in the office and regularly assesses its practices to consider new practices that might be adopted and reduce any adverse impact on the environment.

Recycling and energy efficiency

The Firm encourages and promotes energy efficiency, waste minimization and environmentally friendly waste disposal to reduce its carbon footprint and combat climate change. Our policies include, office waste recycling, sustainable office packaging, heat and air monitoring, cloud operations and water saving.

Ethics & compliance

To achieve the purposes of the Company we operate to the highest ethical standards. We regularly review our governance and operations to ensure we comply with the best practices in terms of transparency and accountability. The core of our ethics and conduct requires honesty and integrity in all matters to support the workplace and society at large.


Engaging our diverse stakeholders in transparent consultation provides important input that informs our decision-making process. This helps us progress towards our ambition and goals.

Corporate governance

We are committed to effective and efficient corporate governance, transparency and accountability to promote the mission and vision of the Company. This helps build and strengthen trusted, long-lasting relationships with our associates and clients.

Our ethics and integrity are vital in preserving our Culture, Initiatives and Principles.

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