Last update: 23 April 2020

Our website (including our mobile site) uses cookies (including session and persistent cookies).  Cookies are a file of text and numbers that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website.  We use cookies on our website to help us improve the functionality of our website and your experience when using it, and the services and products we offer.  We may disclose the information collected with third parties for such purposes.
  • Google Analytics provide us with information including anonymous information, the number of visitors to our website, how visitors use our website and the pages or links our visitors browse.
  • Session cookies provide us with non-personally identifiable information including our visitors’ IP address, browser type, Internet Service Provider and operating system.  Such cookies are also used for our email subscription service to record related communications and help us manage our online subscriptions.
Cookies can be disabled by changing the settings on your browser; however you may then not be able to access some areas of our website.
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